Nepalese Students Aspiring To Travel To Japan And Australia For Further Studies Face Disappointment

Nepalese Students Aspiring To Travel To Japan And Australia For Further Studies Face Disappointment

01 Dec, 2021

Kathmandu, Dec.1: As the top destination countries, Japan and Australia, for Nepalese students, ban the international students to their country following the occurrence of the Omicron virus, the decision has come as a disappointment for many Nepalese aspiring to travel to Japan and Australia.

According to the Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal (ECAN), around 8,000 students are in line to go to Japan and around, 3,800 students are in line to go to Australia after receiving a Visa and confirmation of the enrollment letter.

According to Prakash Pandey, President at ECAN, Japan and Australia are the topmost choice for many Nepalese students to study higher education, due to which, a chunk of Nepalese students travel to both countries for higher education. However, due to COVID-19 infection, both countries had put the travel ban on their countries. As a result, many Nepalese students are facing a wave of disappointment.

“The decision to lift the ban on travel restrictions came as a sigh of relief, however, reoccurrence of travel the ban has come as a disappointment to many Nepalese students,” said President Pandey.

He said that since the COVID-19 pandemic had hit the world, Australia had put the travel ban on people entering the country via student’s visa or for other purposes and made the decision to lift the ban just a week ago to come in effect from December 1, but, only a week after, Australia again puts the travel ban for students as well as for others.

“Even the Japanese government opened the borders to foreigners besides those visiting in tourist visa on November, 8, but, has again put the travel restrictions to Japan for all, coming into effect from November, 29, ” said President Pandey. 

It is unclear how long the decision of the Japanese government will last, however, the Australian government has imposed a travel restriction till December, 15, but, it is not sure if Australia will open its border after two weeks, informed President Pandey to The TRN Online. 

"The travel ban can be lifted if the infection from the Omicron virus will decline, otherwise, it will go indefinitely," said Pandey.  

He said that the decision of the Australian government to put a ban on the travel restrictions will impact the Nepalese students aspiring to travel to Australia for further studies. Also, the Japanese government had lifted the ban only on November, 8, many students preparing beforehand for the travel to Japan were stuck. Currently, around 8,000 students have been directly affected by the decision. Most of them had even gotten the confirmation of the enrollment letter. Some had even bought the ticket as well.

"Many of the students have even paid their college fees. Those who could not go have taken online classes from here. After receiving the news that Japan and Australia had lifted a ban, many students were ecstatic, but, again they have fallen into the trap of uncertainty," He added. 

The flight of Shila Thapaliya was scheduled for December, 2, she said, “After waiting for almost two years, the dream of going to Australia was about to come true. The sudden announcement that the border will not be opened is very disappointing. ”  RSS