64 Per Cent Of Received COVID-19 Vaccine Administered In Nepal

64 Per Cent Of Received COVID-19 Vaccine Administered In Nepal

 17 Jan, 2022

Kathmandu, Jan 17: About 64 per cent of the received vaccines against COVID-19 that is 40,388,840 doses, by Nepal have been administered so far in the country.

A total of 40,388,840 doses of vaccines have been received by Nepal, however, only, 27, 965,500 doses of vaccines have been administered so far.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), the targeted population of the country is 19,922,164, of which, 60.9 per cent of the target population have received a complete shot against COVID-19 and 79.5 per cent of the targeted population have received at least a single dose.

Similarly, the total of the country is 30,378,055, which is 52.1 per cent of the total population who have received even a single dose and 39.9 per cent have received a complete shot.

Dr Sangeeta Mishra, Spokesperson to the MoHP, said that a gap in the vaccination campaign has been felt because of a lack of coordination between local levels as well as denizens. A large proportion of the population is still out of access because of unawareness and lack of coordination.

She said, “Reluctance of people to get vaccination has snail-paced the vaccination campaign in the country.”

Dr Rudra Marasini, Director of the Department of health services said, “There is around 9,557,644 doses stock of vaccination, but, people are reluctant to administer the vaccine, thereby, slowing down the campaign.”

Dr Marasini added that the government is procuring syringes as per the need, and currently, there is no shortage of syringes in the country.

Of the total 9,557,644 COVID-19 vaccine in storage, 13,68, 924 is Vero Cell, 1,173,940 is Johnson & Johnson, 4,971,850 is Covishield 399,090 is Pfizer and 1,643,840 is Moderna vaccine is stored in the country.  In addition, there are only 2,559,200 syringes for around nine million doses.

3 lakh people receive dose against COVID-19 daily

Even though the government has planned to inoculate around five lakh people on a daily basis, but, around three lakh people are getting their shots daily.

According to Dr Marasini, around three lakh people on average have been receiving their shots, and around five lakh people are inoculated on days when the campaign intensified. In line with this, it can be said that the syringe that is in stock will be sufficient for at least a week. And, there will be no problem continuing the vaccination campaign as syringes from UNICEF, China are in pipeline to be delivered within a week. Rising Nepal