Farmers Busy With Paddy Plantation In Kailali

Farmers Busy With Paddy Plantation In Kailali

18 Jun, 2021

By Abinash Chaudhary Rising Nepal 

 Dhangadhi, June 18: Farmers of Kailali district are busy planting paddy these days. With the arrival of the monsoon, farmers have started the paddy plantation in their paddy fields.

With more than one and a half month long prohibitory order people were compelled to live inside their houses but with the monsoon, they are now busy on their paddy plantation work. A farmer of Kailari Rural Municipality - 5 Prabin Chaudhary said that he was fighting with COVID-19 till the May end and after defeating the disease now he has started the work on the field.

Though the rural areas of the Kailaki district were safer on the first wave of COVID-19, the second wave was spread throughout the rural areas. Still, there are a few COVID patients.