Social Organisations Feed Hungry Monkeys At Devghat

Social Organisations Feed Hungry Monkeys At Devghat

05 Jun, 2021

By Amar Raj Naharki Rising Nepal

Tanahun, June 5: In Tanahun’s Devghat temple of Devghat Rural Municipality - 5 various social organisations have been feeding fruits to hungry monkeys. Prior to the prohibitory order, they were dependent on the devotees to feed them.  

The Chairperson of the Devghat Rural Municipality, Durga Bahadur Thapa, has said that Blood donors Society Nepal has helped to feed fruits to around 300 hungry monkeys.

“After the forests have run out of food the monkeys who had come to places of worship in search of food, but they have been deprived of food as devotees have stopped coming so fruits are being fed to them,” Thapa said.

The Coronavirus pandemic which has affected the world has also affected various animals and birds. It is due to this reason that various Social Organisations were urged to feed the monkeys.

Chairperson Thapa has urged various social organisations to work in cooperation with the Devghat rural Municipality for the management of the monkeys in the upcoming days. Further, he has also urged the Provincial Government to build a ‘monkey park’ for their conservation.       

The Chairperson of Blood Donors Society, Nepal, Arjun Adhikari has mentioned that keeping in mind the situation of the monkeys, the orgnaisation has been feeding monkeys in Galeshwor Chowk and the areas around Devghat Shivalaya mandir.

The Director of the Devghat Area Development Committee Dhiran Babu Ghimire has said that the monkeys have been affected due to the lack of tourists.

All animals including monkeys have the right to live. Keeping this in mind Director Ghimire has urged various Social Organisations to take care of them. Ghimire further mentioned that the Devghat temple area has around 2500 monkeys.