Floods Damage 20 Micro-Hydro Plants In Nawalparasi East

Floods Damage 20 Micro-Hydro Plants In Nawalparasi East

  19 Jun, 2021
Kawasoti, June 19: Floods triggered by the incessant rain in the last few days have swept away at least 20 micro-hydropower plants in the hilly areas of Nawalparasi East district.

Ward Chairman of Bulingtar-2 Prem Bahadur Thapa said that the floods damaged 15 micro-hydro facilities set up at the river banks in Bulingtar and Boudikali rural municipalities.

Samdi Khola Micro-hydropower, Kaphaldanda Micro-hydropower 'A' and 'B' in Bulingtar-1, Machar Sandhkhola Micro-hydropower, Ladikhola Micro-hydropower 'A' and 'B', Ramkot Micro-hydropower, Goddanda Micro-hydropower in Ward-2 are damaged which have led to load-shedding in the surrounding areas, said Bishnu Bahadur Thapa Magar, chairman of Ladikhola Micro-hydro in Dandajheri.

Likewise, Kukhurekhola, Dandathok Chharchhare micro-hydro of Bulingtar, Ward-3 and Arkhala Micro-hydro of Ward-4, Bharatipur Micro-hydro of Ward-6 are also swept by the floods, according to Chet Bahadur Godami Magar, Chair of Ward-4.

Chairman of Boudikali Rural Municipality Durga Bahadur Rana Magar said that seven micro-hydro projects in ward no. 3, 4, 5 and 6 are damaged by the floods. Only two wards of Boudikali have the access to the national electricity transmission of the Nepal Electricity Authority while eight wards were lightened by the micro-hydro.

The damage has caused a power outage in those eight wards. Rana Magar said that there were less chances of repair of the damaged micro-hydro due to the excessive rain which has also damaged the local road networks.

He said that the rural municipality would try to repair the projects and arrange temporary electricity supply, else the repair work would be carried out after the rainy season.

Chief of NEA Kawasoti Office Madhu Sudan Yadav said that the national electricity regulator would complete the development of transmission infrastructure to supply electricity to the rural areas in the hills within two years. The Rising Nepal